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Our story

The story of SCORISTA begins in October of 2013, when was born idea of technology, that will automate the credit assessment and will be able to prepare an instant credit decision . A team of 6 people managed to develop an alpha-version of the system on the basis of 75,000 credit reports from banks and non-bank lenders. We were inspired by the prediction power of the first version of the system so we continued the development.

We decided to open our office in February of 2014 and that moment was the beginning of the intensive work. We were aiming to create a commercial prototype of the smart scoring service for all types of the credit organizations. The prototype was created after 4 months and then, within two weeks, first clients were found. Those clients turned out to become the largest online microcredit companies in Russia with the help of SCORISTA. And those companies are still our loyal clients and friends.

At the end of May 2014 we presented our project to a famous banker and, at the same time, one of the most famous "business angels" in Russia. We quickly found a common ground, because the effectiveness of the system and its prospects for the financial market were obvious to an experienced finance market player. We found out that projects like SCORISTA are called "Disruptive innovations" — innovations that radically change the world. And than SCORISTA received the first investments.

We managed to significantly improve our prediction system and attracted the attention of the Life.Sreda Venture Capital that specializes on innovative FinTech solutions. Recommendations of the well-knows professionals, including Alexey Trifonov and Sergey Vasilyev, made us sure that the time to conquer the market has come.

LLC "SCORISTA" was registered as a legal entity on 24th of June 2014 and that day we traditionally celebrate the birthday of the company.

Time was passing by and our system had been gaining reputation. And customers. At the beginning of 2015 the number of our clients has reached 17. And in February we received new portion of investments – from Moscow Seed Fund. So we were able to make a new technological leap of SCORISTA system. And we did it.

By that time we understood that we just didnt have promotion skills. So, it's was time to learn. That's why we searched for a people who specialize on such training. On August of 2015 we received a educational support from the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF), that allowed us to triple our revenue in just 3.

On October 2015 our company became a Skolkovo Fund resident. There we met with Chinese entrepreneurs, which helped us to open our first foreign branch — in China. And to get the first three clients there.

We are confident in our credit scoring system. We became the only company on the market that have a results-guarantee program. And we have proved that earning money with SCORISTA is a lot easier.